Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Interesting Underclothes You Have

In Sync With: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

1. Tuleste Market Large Hammered Squares Choker 2. Thakoon Sequin Mini Short 3. McQ-Alexander McQueen Stretch Leather Shorts 4. Sass & Bide A Girl Like Me Shorts 5. Kimberly Ovitz Martin Cutout Dress with Long Sleeves 6. Kiki de Montparnasse Fringe Benefits Necklace 7. Givenchy Shoes Open Toe Zip Front High Heel Booties 8. Alexander Wang Long Sleeve Fitted Dress

Lace, sequins, hot pants, oh my. But wait, did I forget mention that all of your favorite pieces and mine are featured on some daring guys in this film? Achem, welcome to Transylvania. I'm currently pining after some high waisted leather shorts, lingerie inspired dresses, bustiers, and edgy zippered heels. Throw on a metallic chunky choker and you'll be sure to make a statement.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

Hailing from Khrakov, Ukraine, Bob Basset is one artist who can keep up with the pack.  Inspired by his childhood litter-mates--his family had six dogs--Basset has opened a world of mystical leather clad creature accessories.  I can't wait to get my claws on them.  

Oh, did I fail to mention his matching "Paws for Hands"? Winter mittens will never be the same, but unfortunately, these bad boys don't run cheap. At about $1,000 just for the feet, these hand crafted and custom fit/designed lace-ups will chew right through your pocket--and mine. Sigh, I guess I'll stick to furry coats and loud galloping heels to channel the call of the wild.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Kids In Town

Dating back to Yves Saint Laurent's peasant tops, the 60's have always been a key influence in current style, my wardrobe included. Thus, with the 40th anniversary of Woodstock approaching on August 15th, Women's Wear Daily asked today's "young and the restless" designers to give their two cents on the trends of the time. Interested to see what your favorite grunge designers and mine came up with? I think these sketches just might surprise you!
Prabal Gurung:

Where to even begin? Maybe I'll frame it? The perfect touch in a plain space.

Peter Som:

Alexander Wang:

Well, that's a bit different from the leather and denim clad models we see trudging down his runways.


Spoiler Alert!: Look for similarities to this sketch in Bensoni's S/S collection!

Bibhu Mohapatra:


Cushnie et Ochs:


Where can I get my hands on this??

An "Aquarian Exposition" in White Lake, NY, Woodstock serves as probably the most influential moment in rock and roll's not hard to see why.

Peace, Love, & The 60's Baby, Yeah,

I Dream Of Jeanie

Let's get all eco-friendly ya'll.

On Him: NUDIE "Regulr Alf" Straight Legs Jeans In Dry Heave Organic
On Her: Barney's exclusive Nudie "Tight Long John" Hi Rise Skinny Jeans In Sweet Blue

No need to steal your boyfriend's jeans, snag a pair of your own ladies.

Left: CURRENT/ELLIOT "1968" Slouchy Skinny Jeans In Brass Stud
Right: CURRENT/ELLIOT "Dad" Jeans In Wishing Well Destroy

PRPS "Dart" Skinny Jeans In Lyric

Saran wrap is the new black.

ROGAN "Slim" Straight Leg Jeans In Zircon

With Autumn on our tails, "fall" in love with a pair of your own, sold at Barney's.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Any Day, Any Way, With Christopher Lee Sauvee.

It's been about six months since the debut of Christopher Sauvee's "Save Anna" (Against The French Vogue Invasion) T-shirts, but you know what, some things never get old. And so, LONG LIVE THE QUEEN.

This shirt says it all.

How could we forget the controversy over the "Bananas" t-shirt. Does the Rachel Zoe catch phrase ring a bell? "I die."

On another note: how great are the fur coats featured in this campaign? TDF right? I couldn't agree more! I can't wait for suburbia to freeze over, so that I can start wearing mine again! The Devil may still wear Prada, but you know, she wears it well.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cozying Up To My Bestie: Leigh & Luca Scarves

So, I'm currently craving Leigh & Luca Scarves. My collection (gifted from my boss, Katie--I intern at her NYC based PR firm--and Gillian Leigh of L&L!):

With the fall approaching, you're probably ready to pack away your summer sarongs and hit a few rounds of spray tanning to keep that beach glow fresh. Well...HALT. That great cotton or silk wrap--which ever you fancy--currently tied around your waist can be draped around your neck as the temperatures drop, cue, sarong today, scarf tomorrow. My bestie Leigh & Luca scarves which are always in tow, rain or shine, in planes, trains, and automobiles, serve a year round purpose and as one of the ultimate accessories in my closet. Don't have one of these bad boys? Lucky for you the S/S '09 Collection is now 30% off, so start clicking that mouse. The best part of these funking amazing scarves though? They come with a nifty "how-to wear" guide.

I'm a personal fan of "The Jesse James" with my What Comes Around Goes Around Leather Jacket. Can you say biker babe chic? I totally dig that style.

I would also like to personally thank Josh Peskowitz from for coining his go-to scarf look (and mine)! My version of the josh below with my Jill Stuart F/W RTW Ink Velvet Military Blazer:

Made from fabrics over 100 years old with print and embroidered artwork done by hand, these pieces make me think OOAK (one of a kind). I'll surely be wearing mine all year round.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Bergdorm Goodman S/S Sale: The Ultimate Shoegasm

Well yesterday was quite the hectic day. I did the usual commute from suburbia to the big bag NYC. I picked up my morning coffee at Bonsignour and headed past Industria studios where they were shooting some sort of catalog campaign--or at least that's what I gathered from the likes of the salt and peppered, trench-coat clad man vogueing in the street. We cabbed over to Hearst where we met with Tina Langley, the accessories editor at Seventeen; the other intern and I stood there gawking at her vintage Kenneth Jay Lane lion's head necklace, absolutely TDF (to die for).

I'm currently oozing over this similar one:

Afterwards, we strolled down to Bergdorf's on West 57th only to find ourselves wandering through the infinite abyss of the shoe salon. From Alaia's to Zanotti's, the racks were packed with haute heels up to 65% off; can you say buy 'em or bust? Although, I obviously had my eyes on F/W '09 selection. I'm currently after these puppies:

I managed to make my way down to 5F where I fell in love (again). Now lusting after this bad boy:

I left with (unfortunately) nothing in tow. I'll be back though, have no fear. I'm wanting all three pieces for the ultimate fall look; I'm pretty sure I'd wear that beast of a vest to class, like, every day.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

She's Cracked: Can't Get Enough Karen Walker

The two great Karens of my life: New-Zealand born & bred fashion with a passion designer, Karen Walker and the gold-digging, borderline alcoholic character on Will & Grace, Karen Delaney St. Croix Popeil Walker Finster-Walker. Both a bit promiscuous and most definitely unpretentious, no wonder they share the same name!

The broken pearls, classy with a bit of angst and as for the sunnies, I want every pair! That shattered crystal printed sweatshirt dress is a fashion catastrophe, but oddly, in a good way. I can't wait to get my hands on one, although chances that there's free ground shipping across hemispheres is slim to none. (Double click on the image to see the full size style file!)
Thus, in anticipation, I've rummaged through my Mary-Poppins-esque closet in search of the creme de la creme to decorate my soon to come Karen Walker collection.

I found these stowed away in the depths of my closet and resurrected them from the mess...yum.

They're sadly half a size too big and I wobble around in them, sigh.

I will totally be sporting these with my catastrophic sweatshirt dress. Pictures to come upon arrival! Could take some time though, after-all, the goods are on the other-side of the globe.

This is a pretty long strand so I think I'll tangle it around my wrist 100 times for an almost pearl infused wrist-band or wrap it hippie-style around my head. Now that I think about it, this pearl headband bit, might come sooner than you think.


Lip Gloss, Mane Toss, Dental Floss

I often find myself refreshing the style files of your favorite fashion blogs and mine--StyleBubble, BryanBoy, FashionToast, and Sea of Shoes, to name a few—on a daily basis for hours on end. Into the night I thumb through the archives of WWD and NY Mag's The Cut, reconnecting with the old and obsessing over the new. Naturally, I thought to myself, I could do this, you know, start a blog. I'm no master of photography (by any means), so I can't promise you Sartorialist like images or famed Anna-Lou Leibovitz shots, but I can assure you that MySpace camera-in-mirror images are not my scene either. I'll be documenting what I like, mostly anything fashion or lifestyle oriented. I'll put my blood—thank you Christian Louboutin induced blisters—sweat—I tend to wear sweaters in the Sahara-like summer heat—and tears--it's my party and I can cry if I want to—into this blog, and hopefully you'll love what you sead (see + read)! Before I begin, I'll leave you with a little trick of trade: The Three Step Prep.

1. Lip Gloss-purse that pout of yours and pucker up. Not into hitting the gym? Kissing burns calories too.
2. Mane Toss-along with any great outfit, comes great hair, so comb it, style it, put some elbow grease into it!
3. Dental Floss- always carry it in your bag in an easily accessible spot; you never know when a cute guy may walk by and let's face it, you sure as hell don't want your left overs in between your pearly whites!